Fiske Gets New Front-End Facelift

OAK GROVE — After operating almost two years with a bare screen in the front of the auditorium, The Historic Fiske Theatre got a much-needed facelift Monday, as her technicians installed new front end masking to the screen.

“When movie goers return to the theatre this weekend for THE OTHER GUYS they will think they have traveled back in time.” Chamber Director Adam Holland said. “When they look at the screen it will be draped with black curtains across the top, sides and bottom.”

With material donated by Superior Surgical in Eudora, Ark. movie goers no longer have to see the springs holding up the screen or blank screen during cinemascope movies, it is now all covered with black curtains, and with the black contrasting with the screen, the picture looks even brighter.

“This is just another example of us using proceeds from theatre operation to improve the people’s theatre.” Holland said. “We always try to be good stewards of the money people spend at the theatre and this is one way we can improve the theatre and improve the quality of presentation the people receive when they choose to keep their entertainment dollars in West Carroll Parish.”

The Fiske Theatre is operated by the West Carroll Chamber Fiske Theatre Board with all proceeds from theatre operation going toward theatre improvements and future entertainment for the citizens of Northeast Louisiana.

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