Chamber To Host Dave Ramsey Siminar July 12 at the Fiske

OAK GROVE, La.- — The West Carroll Chamber of Commerce in association with the West Carroll Gazette, KWCL and Holland Entertainment LLC will host a Financial Freedom and Wealth Building Seminar featuring Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor Kelly Brantley, Tuesday, July 12th at 6:30 p.m. at the Fiske Theatre
in Oak Grove, La.

In order to attend you must register by Friday, July 8 by calling the West Carroll
Chamber at 318-428-8289.  Registration is just $30 per couple and includes a Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom Workbook. Checks should be made payable to the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce.

The seminar features Kelly Brantley, a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor. Kelly
graduated from Louisiana Tech University in Business Management and was selected by Dave and his team last year as one of the top 3 certified counselors of 1500 across the United States.

She is a member of Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and has owned Financial Freedom Counseling Service for 3 years.  It is her mission to provide applicable financial information that will enable you to grow spiritually, relationally and financially for every
stage of your life.  Also, to encourage and teach you to become debt free, build wealth with confidence, and how to live each day in Financial Freedom.

Kelly currently travels Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas conducting Financial Freedom Wealth Building seminars for churches, employers and various other organizations.  The purpose of the seminar is to teach people how to start from where they are and build even more wealth. Regardless of age or income, whether you have credit card debt or don’t have credit card debt you will benefit from this seminar.  This information is not taught in high school or college, but it needs to be.  As Ben Franklin said “an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”  You will go home with the wealth building tools you need for your family.

To find out more about Kelly Brantley visit her website at


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