35 mm Era Ends and Digital Begins at Fiske

OAK GROVE, La. — Friday November 18 at 4 p.m. a century old era officially came to an end and a new era began as the Fiske Theatre in Oak Grove, La. became the first Independent Theatre in North Louisiana to become 100% digital.

The West Carroll Chamber of Commerce, owners of the Fiske Theatre and Holland Entertainment LLC, operators, announce the transition of the Fiske Theatre to Digital Cinema Presentation in time for the beginning of its Christmas Season.The first film to be shown in this new format was “Twlight: Breaking Dawn.”

“We are proud of the commitment the Holland family has made to the theatre,” W.C. Chamber President Brenda Hagan said. “The sizable investment they are making to make this transition shows their dedication to providing quality family entertainment in our historic theatre for years to come.”

The motion picture industry in the United States have been transitioning away from 35 mm film over the past few years and this transition has picked up pace within the last few months, experts say that by January 2013, 35 mm prints will no longer be available for exhibition in the USA.

“In one since this transition is like losing and old friend,” Adam Holland, President, Holland Entertainment said. “35 mm has been the bread and butter of our industry since the days of Thomas Edison, but the quality and versatility that this 21st Century technology will allow us to provide our patrons brings with it much excitement and possibilities, this will be the biggest advancement in the West Carroll Parish cinema going experience since movies learned to talk with the “Jazz Singer” in 1928.”

Digital projection will provide movie goers top quality presentation each time a movie plays, and will also allow the theatre the capabilities of providing alternative content such as Broadway Plays, Metropolitan Opera, Rock Concerts, Classic Movies and live sporting events.

Throughout the history of the Fiske Theatre, it has always been on the cutting edge of technology.  In 1951 the year after the new theatre opened Mr. Fiske was awarded Exhibitor and Theatre Catalog’s Merit Award as being the most modern and well-appointed theatre in the nation.

“Since we returned the theatre to operations as a motion picture house it has always been our goal to bring the theatre back to her glory as one of the most advanced theatres in the region,” Holland said. “Being the first independent to make this move shows that we are once again one of the leaders in our industry.”

The Fiske Theatre is owned by the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce and operated by Holland Entertainment LLC of Oak Grove, La.

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