Oak Grove Man Invents New Bow Hunting Accessory

WEST MONROE, La. — Former West Carroll Parish native Gordon Smith has announced the release of his latest invention, The Bow Shooters Station, which will be available soon at greatdayinc.com.

“Picking up the bow again after a number of years was kind of exciting. I’ve never had much time for hunting and the time I did have I spend getting ready, organized and usually not enough time for practice,” Smith said. “I invented The Bow Shooters Station so everything would be in its place, right in front of me and nothing laying on the ground to step on which allows more practice time in the back yard or on the shooting range.”

Smith’s invention now called Great Day’s BowShooters Station transforms awkward, frustrating archery target practice into a systematic, organized and pleasant experience.  The BowShooter’s Station holds the bow and arrows at your fingertips—no more laying your bow on the ground or pulling arrows from a quiver!

The BowShooter’s Station is constructed of aircraft aluminum, weighs only 4 lbs—making it easy to move from one target or location to another.  It comes complete with a slotted bow holder that can be set up for either right or left-handed shooters. It also includes two-arrow “caddies” that will easily hold 12 arrows each.  The BowShooter’s Station also has a convenient drink-holder for can or bottle drinks.

Smith moved to Oak Grove, La. in 1969 and attended Oak Grove High School until midterm of junior year and transferring to Sam Crow Academy and graduating 1975.  Smith is the son of Opal Boone with three sisters Shelia, Candy and Donna Smith all of which attended OGHS.

Smith worked after school for the late James Dumas at the carwash and also got his start in Heating and Air Conditioning services from late Jimmy Miles Holland.

Chances are he has installed the services or been to most house in a certain radius of Oak Grove to perform maintenance repairs before moving to Texas with Shell Oil Co. in 1980 as their explosive blaster. A resident of West Monroe now since 1994, Gordon worked as a journeyman electrician for Graphics Packaging before entering into the field of pipeline and tank inspection and safety. Gordon still works at many jobs which does not leave much time for one of his favorite past times, hunting.

The Bow Hunter’s Station made its first public debut at the Archery Trade Association’s Annual Convention where it was one of the most popular attractions prior and during the annual trade show. Demonstrations of the product will be available soon on youtube.com.


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