Chamber’s Operation 2012 Committee Crosses $10,000 Mark for Fiske Renovation

OAK GROVE, La. — The West Carroll Chamber of Commerce’s Operation 2012 Committee which is charged with raising $30,000 to complete the restoration of the Fiske Theatre in Oak Grove, La. has announced it has crossed the $10,000 mark in its fundraising efforts. As of press time the latest tally was $10,575.

“We are excited we have come this far, this fast,” Operation 2012 Chairman Robyn Creech said. “We have come along way toward reaching our goal, but still have a way to go but we are confident we will reach the mark we have set.”

The purpose of the fundraiser is to complete the Chamber’s renovation of the theatre by replacing the seats, repairing/repainting the ceiling and replacing the front doors of the theatre.

“From the start this has been an ambitious project,” Creech said. “But the ultimate goal will benefit all of Northeast Louisiana by bringing one of the regions most cherished landmarks back to her glory and allow her to continue to entertain rural Northeast Louisiana with affordable family entertainment.”

Donations can be made by calling your local branch of Regions Bank or by calling the Oak Grove Branch at 318-428-9626, Project Chairman Robyn Creech at 318-282-9996 or the theatre at 318-428-8289.

The Fiske Theatre is owned by the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce and operated by Holland Entertainment LLC of Oak Grove. All funds raised from this project will go toward theatre restoration and no funds will be used for general theatre operation. Project books are available for review by request.

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