New Fiske Theatre Opens Friday Night

OAK GROVE, La. — In 2010 she was named “North Louisiana’s Grand Dame of Movie Theatres” by the regional daily paper and this Friday night when her doors open to the public the Fiske Theatre in Oak Grove, La. will retake her place as the most modern and well equipped theatre in the state after undergoing an extensive make over funded by private donations.

A VIP Gala for those who contributed to the Operation 2012 Fund and past employees will take place Thursday night.

“Enough cannot be said about the outpouring of support we have received from the people of Northeast Louisiana in terms of donations and labor,” Operation 2012 Project Coordinator and Fiske Theatre Operator Adam Holland said.  “Going into this project back in the spring this was just a dream that we felt could be a reality, once the donations starting coming in we knew we were going to make it happen.”

Since the beginning of July renovations have been underway that has brought West Carroll Parish’s most iconic landmark back to her glory as the nicest place to see a movie in Northeast Louisiana.

When guest return the main floor of the theatre Friday night they will be treated to absolute luxury.  New wider seats with memory foam cushions and expanded leg room have replaced the 62 year old spring cushioned seats.  Other physical improvements made to the auditorium include repairing and painting the ceiling, walls and floor and covering the portion of the wall below the chair rail with carpet to absorb sound.

“We are very pleased with the way the auditorium has turned out,” Operation 2012 Co-Chairman John Elliott said. “The color scheme that our decorators picked out really adds to the movie going environment and provides a very relaxing sense to the entire experience of coming to the movies.”

The movie going experience has also been enhanced with the addition of Dolby 7.1 Digital Surround sound along with new and better speakers directed at the main floor of the auditorium to provide more crisp sound for patrons.

“The upgrade to Dolby 7.1 is a huge advancement for the theatre,” Holland said.  “Dolby 7.1 is the latest advancement in digital sound technology and we are the first theatre in North Louisiana to be able to provide this to movie goers.  With Dolby 7.1 you will feel as if you are immersed in the movie with dedicated sound coming from all angles at different points of the picture.”

No stone was left unturned, the lobby and restrooms also have been given upgrades and fresh paint along with much needed repairs to the overhang in the front of the theatre.

“We are so grateful to the people of Northeast Louisiana for supporting this project and bringing this magnificent building back to where she belongs to be as movie theatre in our region.” Holland said. “It is an honor to be at the helm of this great ship, the trust placed in me and my family to guide it and provide quality entertainment and a first class experience to the citizens of the region is a responsibility that we do not take for granted.”

The New Fiske Theatre was built in 1950 by the late Donald B. Fiske and was donated to the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce in 1988 shortly before his death.

The Fiske Theatre is owned by the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce and Operated by Holland Entertainment LLC.  All funds raised by the chamber for Operation 2012 were used for upgrades and repairs to the theatre and the project books are available upon request.

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