Ribbon Cutting Midsouth Medical Equipment

Ribbon Cutting Midsouth Medical Equipment

West Carroll Chamber hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Midsouth Medical Equipment celebrating their new location August 22, 2013

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WCNB Clock Restoration Progress Continues

Photo Caption: Chamber Special Events and Preservation Coordinator Adam Holland and Ken Mobley discuss status of progress on WCNB Clock restoration at Ken's Kustoms Body Shop in Oak Grove.  The Chamber hopes to transport the clock to Carter Signs in Bastrop, La. in the coming weeks to finish its restoration.

Photo Caption: Chamber Special Events and Preservation Coordinator Adam Holland and Ken Mobley discuss status of progress on WCNB Clock restoration at Ken’s Kustoms Body Shop in Oak Grove. The Chamber hopes to transport the clock to Carter Signs in Bastrop, La. in the coming weeks to finish its restoration.

OAK GROVE — Many have noticed the void that has been left at the corner of Briggs and Main since mid-May when one of Oak Grove’s most treasured icons came down from her perch, but that void will be gone soon as progress continues on the restoration of the West Carroll National Bank Clock that hung high on its corner perch for most of the 20th Century.

“We want to get this right,” Ken Mobley said. “This clock is a big part of the historic appearance of Oak Grove and we hope that what we are doing now will preserve it for many generations to come.”

Originally the goal was to have the clock finished and back on its perch by the July 4th Holiday, however once the project actually began, it was soon realized that the clock’s finish was done with porcelain which required much study , research and consultation with professionals around the country to insure what was being done was correct.

“This is a very important piece of our collective history,” W.C. Chamber Special Events and Preservation Coordinator Adam Holland said.  “Our downtown is the heart of our city and preserving its historic character for our posterity is essential for the continued economic well-being of our community.”

Ken’s Kustoms of Oak Grove are in the final stages of restoring the physical integrity of the clock along with restoring its finish and soon it will be transported to Carter Signs in Bastrop, La. where the all of the neon and mechanical motors which keep the time will be completely replaced.  Carter Signs will then bring her home and return it to its perch where she will proudly return to her roll as the official time keeper for the town of Oak Grove.

“We would like to express our most sincere appreciation to Ken Mobley and his staff for the work they have done pro-Grata as a community service.” Holland said.  “What began as something we thought would be a quick and easy job has turned into a project on his part and words cannot express our appreciation to he and his staff.”

Funding for the restoration has been made possible by the Chamber’s Festival Fund.

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West Carroll Police Jury Ribbon Cutting

West Carroll Police Jury Ribbon Cutting

The Ribbon cutting for the new West Carroll Police Jury building was held Friday afternoon, June 28, 2013. The new building is an asset to the community and to the development of downtown Oak Grove. We welcome this new facility to our community. Thanks to all who participated making this event a success. Also, thank you to all our Police Jury members for all you do for our community.

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Swamp Coffee Ribbon Cutting

Swamp Coffee Ribbon Cutting

West Carroll Chamber welcomes Swamp Coffee to the community with Ribbon Cutting Friday June 21, 2013. The event though hosted by the West Carroll Chamber, family and friends helped celebrate the opening of this new business. Charlie May, owner of Swamp Coffee, offers a variety of specialty coffees and teas to fit a variety of tastes. Be sure to drive buy and place your order. Swamp Coffee is located on the Mac’s Fresh Foods parking lot.

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Wal Mart Funds ADA Hearing for Fiske

Wal Mart Funds ADA Hearing for Fiske

OAK GROVE — If not being able to hear or see clearly has been your reason you have not been getting out of the house and enjoy movies at the Fiske Theatre in Oak Grove, that is no longer and excuse, as the Oak Grove Wal Mart and Manager John Wimsatt have funded the installation of the most advanced hearing and visual assistance system that is currently being deployed in cinemas across the nation.

“It has always been part of Wal Mart’s mission to give back to the community,” Wimsatt said. “This is just one small way we could make an impact in our community and one that the people could actually see and feel.”

The Ultra Phonic Visual and Assistive Listening System will allow those with hearing impairments to control their own volume by the use of headsets, the same headsets will also provide visual narrative for those with sight impairments by just changing the channel on the set. The headsets will be available free of charge by request at the concession stand.

“We are very grateful for what Wal Mart has done for the theatre and local movie goers.” Adam Holland, President of Holland Entertainment said. “I personally know of three people who enjoy coming to the movies and choose to sit in the cry room so they can control their own volume and one person who enjoys coming to the movies but cannot see that this new system will benefit.”

The assistive listening system was funded by a $1,500 grant from the Wal Mart Foundation to the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce who owns the theatre.

“Doyle Rowland, Fiske Theatre Technician, is in the process of installing the system now. As of today the Assisted Hearing portion of the system is working properly, we expect the visual narrative to be working by the end of the week.” Holland said.

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Chamber Donates Picnic Tables to Police Jury for Courthouse Lawn

Chamber Donates Picnic Tables to Police Jury for Courthouse Lawn

OAK GROVE, La. — The West Carroll Chamber of Commerce recently donated four picnic tables to the West Carroll Parish Police Jury for the Courthouse Yard that it purchased from the Oak Grove FFA.

“During the North Louisiana Sweet Potato Festival this year we borrowed four picnic tables from the City Park for revelers to be able to sit down and enjoy their meals and relax while the kids enjoyed the entertainment on the square,” W.C. Chamber Special Projects Coordinator Adam Holland said. “We saw how popular this addition was to the festival and decided it would be a good idea to purchase tables for the square that could be used for all festivals, and for the Court House Staff and those who do business with the Court House during the year.”

The four tables are made from treated pine and were left natural so they could age with nature and fit into the landscape of the Court House Square which is lined with century old Live Oak Trees.

“Adam contacted me about the possibility of donating the tables to the jury,” W.C. Police Jury President Jack Madden said. “The jury and I felt as if it would be a nice addition to our grounds and would be an asset to the people who work at the Court House to be able to have lunch and get fresh air on pretty days, as well as, a place for those doing business with the Court to be able to get fresh air during breaks without blocking the entrance to the Court House.”

The tables are not anchored down so they can be moved to different areas of the grounds during festival and other events that take place at the Court House.

“With all the help and inconvenience that the workers at the Court House have to go through when we host a festival, this is just one small way we can say thanks. “ Holland said.

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OAK GROVE, La. — For years she welcomed visitors and helped the local residents keep up with the time as the official time piece of Downtown Oak Grove, La. from her perch at the corner for Briggs and Main before moving down one block to the New, Neo Classical Designed, West Carroll National Bank building for short time from the 1970’s-1990’s before the Late Harold Russell saved her from the scrap yard and put her back on her rightful perch after Regions bought out the bank.

Friday afternoon with the help of Northeast Power Cooperative and Inmates from the West Carroll Parish Sheriffs Office she came down again, but not for long as the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce is sending her off to be completely restored.

“This has been a goal of ours for several years,” W.C. Chamber Special Projects Coordinator Adam Holland said. “With the success of the recent North Louisiana Sweet Potato Festival, we had a little surplus money and the Chamber Board agreed to have the clock and all of its neon tubing restored so she will once again welcome visitors and locals to down town.”

Being over 60 years old much of the neon tubing and the motors that kept the time on the clock have worn out and quit working requiring basically the sign to be completely rebuilt. In March, Carter Sign Company, was called in to do some work on the Fiske Sign and while there Adam Holland had them take a look at the clock and give the chamber an estimate and the repair cost were not as bad as expected.

When completed the Grand Ole Clock with have a new paint job, staying as close to the original colors as possible, courtesy of Ken Mobley at Ken’s Kustoms in Oak Grove; and all of the mechanical parts and neon will be replaced when she returns to her perch this summer.

“It is our goal to have the clock back up and running in time to welcome all of the visitors and former residents who return each year to celebrate Independence Day with their families,” Holland said. “The WCNB Building, The Fiske Theatre and the Parish Courthouse are the three most recognizable buildings in our town, bringing the clock back to her prime is just one more step along the way to our ultimate goal of bringing Downtown Oak Grove back to its rightful place as the Entertainment, Retail and Dining Hub of our region.”

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